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Breast augmentation, what do you need to know?

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12 Dec 2018
Augmentation mammaire Tunisie

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic or reconstructive surgical procedure.
It aims to increase the volume, reshape and improve the feeling of a woman's chest. It is also reconstructive in cases of mastectomy (breast removal).
This procedure involves the placement of breast implants that differ according to the result sought by the patient.

Breast implants

the shapes: breast implants can have an anatomical shape for natural or round curves for a more developed mammary curves.
-the types: there are two types of breast implants: the envelope often made of silicone is filled with either physiological saline or silicone gel.
Silicone implants are the most used in breast aesthetics for their appearance and natural sensation, their installation requires a larger incision.
Implants in saline (physiological saline), give a firmer (less natural) appearance but have the advantage of being inserted empty then filled requiring only a small incision. Any leaks are assimilated by the body.


Lipomodelling is the natural solution for breast augmentation. It involves transferring the fat from the patient after liposuction from her belly or thighs to the breasts. The aspirated fat is centrifuged and then injected into the patient's breast, this procedure is also called lipofilling. This breast augmentation is more natural but it is limited to the increase of a cup size. A reinjection of fat is usually done after 6 months, since it melts in the body. Lipomodelling is also used to retouch surgical aesthetic imperfections or camouflage the edges of an implant in a very thin woman.

The consultations before the intervention

During these consultations, the patient explains her expectations and the plastic surgeon details the kind of implants to use, the expected results according to the shape of her bust, her silhouette, the elasticity and the thickness of her skin. The doctor also explains the techniques adopted during the procedure and the possible complications.

A preoperative assessment, a mammogram and an ultrasound are requested as well as an anesthesia consultation, this after the 15 days of mandatory reflection.


The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires a hospital stay of 48 hours.
For invisible scars, the incisions to place the breast implants are axillary (in the armpit), under mammary or areola.
After the procedure, analgesics are prescribed to counter the pain felt by the patient. The edema begins to disappear after 15 to 20 days and the bruising a month later.

The follow-up after a breast augmentation

The patient must wear a sports bra for 6 weeks, must not practice any physical activity during the first 2 months. She can resume her work after 2 weeks.
check at the surgeon is to be done quarterly to reach the final result after one year.