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Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia

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The clinic is renowned for the excellence of its aesthetic surgery center.
Considered one of the beacon disciplines of the institution, an entire floor will be dedicated to the management of cosmetic surgery patients in 2018.

  • Facial surgery

    Facial surgery
    Facial surgery
    Lifting cervico-facial
    Frontal, temporal and malar lifts
    facial lipofilling
  • Surgery of limbs and silhouette

    Surgery of limbs and silhouette
    Surgery of limbs and silhouette
    Arm lift
    Thigh lift
    Buttock implants
    Buttock lipofilling
  • Breast surgery

    Breast surgery
    Breast surgery
    Breast enlargement
    Breast reduction
    Breast lift
    Breast lipofilling
    Inverted nipples
    Gynecomastia for Men
  • Restorative surgery

    Restorative surgery
    Restorative surgery
    Burn Surgery
    Breast reconstruction
    Latissimus Dorsi Flap
    bed sores
    Amputation/ re-implantation of fingers and the forearm
    Traumatic Hand Surgery
  • Obesity surgery

    Obesity surgery
    Obesity surgery
    Gastric Band
    Gastric Sleeve
    Gastric Bypass

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