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Clinique les Oliviers is a multidisciplinary institution with many surgical specialties:

General surgery

The general surgery department brings together surgeons specialized in different fields as well as anesthesiologistsand intensive care personnelwho work closely together. The interventions are carried out under maximum safety conditions, thanks to the latest generation of pre-, during and post-operative surveillance.

Orthopedic Surgery


At Clinique les Oliviers, surgeons of great experience ensure :

Orthopedic and Restorative Surgery
Traumatology for adults and children
Minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery
Prosthetic surgery: hip, knee, shoulder
Spinal surgery: traumatic, degenerative, scoliosis
Hand and fragmentsurgery
Sports Medicine and surgery

Urological Surgery

The therapeutic choice for urological diseases is made in agreement between the patient and the surgeon, taking into account age, pathology, state of health and of course patient wishes.
Our service provides the following services :
Surgery of the genitourinary tract: adult & child
Endoscopic urinary tract exploration and surgery
Urogenital Cancer: Kidneys, Bladder and Prostate
Echo-guided prostate biopsy
Lithotripsy Endocorporeal calculations: nephroscopy (NLPC)
Ureteroscopy (Lithoclast)

ENT Surgery

Our ENT surgery department takes in charge patients, children or adults, suffering from ENT (ear, noseand throat) diseases or presenting pathologies of the head and the neck.
ENT surgery includes :
Nose and Sinus Surgery
Laryngeal and pharyngeal surgery
Lacrymal surgery in collaboration with ophthalmology
Ear surgery, cervical and glandular surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery


The cardiovascular surgery department has the infrastructure to support patients of all ages requiring :

Coronary revascularization: aorto-coronary bypass surgery
Valvular replacement or plasty
Corrections of simple or complex congenital heart disease
Cures of aneurysms and / or dissections of the thoracic or abdominal aorta
Peripheral vascular surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery and trauma treat pathologies and trauma in children. Pediatric surgeons at Clinique les Oliviers treat a large number of surgical conditions affecting children aged 0 to 16 years.

Gynecological Surgery

At Clinique les Oliviers, women benefit from all the modern techniques and a rapid management by a team of specialized surgeons. Our gynecologists, anxious to preserve the privacy of women, prefer the least invasive gesture. For this reason, they do not hesitate to intervene by laparoscopy on common and benign pelvic pathologies and to carry out acts of coeliosurgery (severe endometriosis, cancer of the uterus).



Neurosurgeons mainly provide :

Spinal Neurosurgery: disc herniation, narrow lumbar canal, spondylolisthesis, tumor and traumatic pathology, pathology of the marrow
Cranial Neurosurgeryl: brain tumors (neuronavigation), hydrocephalus, traumatology
Pain surgery: spinal neurostimulation

Dental Surgery and Stomatology

Our dental surgeons intervene on dental and periodontal pathologies, diseases of the oral cavity, (inflammatory, tumoral or infectious).

Ophthalmic Surgery

Since October 2009, Clinique les Oliviers has set up a modern center dedicated to ophthalmology. The latest techniques are used to optimize the medical management under the best conditions of comfort and safety. Discover the Clinique Les OliviersOphthalmology on :

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