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25 Jun 2018
Tout sur la chirurgie esthétique | Clinique les Oliviers

Some people feel uncomfortable with a physical defect and it can get worse every day to the point of ruining their lives.
The remedy may be cosmetic surgery, which helps to regain self-confidence and to love one's body again.

The advantages of cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has many advantages which explains the inexorable increase in the number of procedures done. People often seek more harmony physically and emotionally.
In general, cosmetic surgery is adopted for one of these objectives:

Among its advantages, we cite:
A more beautiful and harmonious body
More refined facial features
Firm and smooth skin: following a liposuction or other intervention to fight against cellulite
A feeling of overall well-being
A newfound youthful appearance
More confidence and self-esteem
A joy of life and a more successful social life

The different stages of cosmetic surgery

The program of cosmetic surgery depends on several elements, and can vary according to the type of operation, the patient's requests, his state of health and his age. In addition, some steps are common for all types of cosmetic surgeries, namely:
Step 1: The study phase:
During this phase, you can inquire about the approximate cost of the operation you plan to undergo, from of your clinic. You will then prepare your paperwork to file with the clinic. This file should contain the photos requested by the doctor, a completed medical questionnaire ...
Step 2: Treatment of your request by cosmetic surgeons:
Once your file is submitted to the clinic, the cosmetic surgeons will take care of treating it thoroughly to be able to take the necessary decisions.
Step 3: Meeting with cosmetic surgeons:
A medical consultation will then take place during which the cosmetic surgeon (s) will explain the whole procedure.
Step 4: Organization of your stay at the clinic
Step 5: Preoperative consultation
Step 6: Intervention
Step 7: Postoperative care
Step 8: Postoperative follow-up

The different types of cosmetic surgery

Aesthetic procedures

The following are the main ones:

Facial surgery

Facial and cervical  lift
Forehead,  temporal and malar lift
Rhinoplasty Lift
Lipofilling of the face

Breast surgery

Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Breast lipofilling
Inverted nipples
Gynecomastia for men

Limb and silhouette surgery

Arm lift
Thigh lift
Buttock augmentation
Buttock lipofilling

Restorative Surgery

Burn Surgery
Breast reconstruction
Latissimus dorsi flaps
Decubitus bedsores
Amputation re implantation of the fingers of the hand and forearm
Traumatic surgery of the hand

Stomach surgery linked to obesity

Gastric band
Gastric sleeve
Gastric Bypass

Tunisia, global aesthetic destination

Tunisia is a destination increasingly coveted for cosmetic surgery, thanks to the skills and professionalism of its surgeons, reputed to be true "pros of aesthetics", its infrastructure in sanitary quality and its very competitive rates.
Indeed, Tunisia offers excellent services, at prices 30 to 50% lower than in Europe in addition to an idyllic recovery setting very often at the edge of the Mediterranean.

So, if you have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, consider choosing the clinic where you will undergo this operation, the plastic surgeon who will treat from the beginning to the end your situation, and why not opt ​​for a psychological follow-up, essential in some cases to help you get used to your new body.