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The most dangerous trends for health

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15 Aug 2019
The most dangerous trends for health

Follow the latestfashion trends is cool, but beinghooked on itis not alwayssafe. Hereis a smalllist of trends to avoid, for yourhealth:

A tooth jewel

The trend of jewelry for the teethborn in the 1980s thanks to rap, pop and hip hop singersisnow back and seduces stars and youngfashionaddicts.. It consists of inserting a metalpiece on the visible face of the teeth. This tendencycan lead to irritation of the gums and infections.

The tattoo in the lower back

Tattoos in the lumbar area are not withoutrisk. Theycan cause seriousneurologicalproblems, such as arachnoidalchemicals, inflammatory neuropathies and long-termtumors.

Too much water

Water is the most important element for the survival of every living beingafteroxygen. Drinkingenough water everydayis essential for a healthylifestyle. But all excessisharmful. Drinking large amounts of fluideverydaycan cause hyponatremia and cerebraledema.


Originallydesigned to comfort the former smokers, the electronic cigarette presentssomehealth dangers. Containingharmful substances, smoking this type of cigarettes canincrease the risk of certain cancers.

The race without preparation

Running is a greatexercisethathelpsyou escape and burn calories. It ispracticedeverywhere, all the time. But becareful, this type of exerciserequirespreparationbeforehand to avoidsufferingfromlesions. People who are not used to sport shouldchoose the first few days for briskwalking or alternating running and briskwalking.

The string everyday

The string is an undergarment not recommended by gynecologists. Indeed, wearingiteverydaycanpromote the transport of bacteria back and forth, causing contamination of the vagina. Furthermore, this type of undergarmentcanalso cause increasedhumidity and aggravation of hemorrhoids.

Verytight jeans

The fashion of tootight jeans canbedangerous for health. Tight pants cancut off blood circulation in the legs. You have to becarefulwhatyou wear.

Wear panty liners often

A panty liner is a productmuchappreciated by womenthanks to itsability to maintain a fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. But all excessisbad. Wearingpantilinersdailycan cause a risk of bacterialovergrowththatcan lead to cystitis.

High heels

High heelsoffer a real touch of elegance to the look. However, wearing high heelstoooftencanbedangerous for yourhealth. The tiptoe position canaccentuate the curvature of the back and cause low back pain in the long term. Wearingheels for long hoursmayalsoincreaseosteoarthritis of the hip and knee.

XXL handbags

The fashion of XXL handbags, oftenveryheavy, can have adverse effects on health. Oftenworn on the sameshoulder, itmaydestabilize the spine and cause scoliosis in adolescents.

Heavy earrings

Giant modelsearringscan have adverse effects on the lobe. Repeatedwearingmaywiden the earhole or eventear the lobe.