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28 Jun 2019

Liposuction is one of the most highly rated cosmetic surgeries for body refining or reshaping. It remains nevertheless delicate. The most trivial details are thus to be defined, concerning this act. Here is the complete guide to know everything about liposuction.


This is a surgical procedure that consists of suctioning excess fat from specific areas of the body such as the belly, buttocks and back of the thighs. These fats are indeed difficult to eliminate via the usual or rigorous diets or even through sports.

This operation aims to redraw and balance all parts of the body. It may be considered after weight loss, as in some patients with "saddlebags", used to designate excess fat behind the thighs and buttocks. It is also applied to various other areas of the body such as the calves, abdomen, knees, arms and also the face and neck.

In less serious situations, this operation is not necessary, as to permanently remove the uncomfortable beads on the back, belly, crease of the bra and hips or those more discreet as on the sides of the top of the jeans. In these cases, it is rather prescribed to use cryolysis that allows refrigeration and subsequently destroy the adipocytes in an area to be treated.

You should also know that liposuction can be used to complete another operation such as a facelift or a plasty. However, it is contraindicated in some people such as chronic smokers, women using the pill or people at high risk of phlebitis.


Generally, the operation is done in the morning for an exit towards the end of the afternoon or even the next day, in the case of a major liposuction requiring a night of hospitalization. Moreover, it should be noted that the greater the volume of fat to be removed, the greater the risk of a possible complication, hence the need for hospitalization in some cases. It is also strongly discouraged to remove more than five liters of fat at a time.

Liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia, but can also be done under local anesthesia for a small area operation.

The first consultation:

The first consultation with the surgeon is important. He will ask several pertinent questions to know the patient's medical or surgical history, to put him in confidence, to know his worries and his requirements, and especially to remove any risks related to contraindications such as cardiac disorders and bleeding disorders.

The surgeon can then proceed to an examination of the silhouette and the skin. Indeed, the quality of the skin and its tone are important to estimate the period of convalescence. The doctor will finally explain, the stages of the operation, will spread all the risks and complications likely to occur even the most improbable.

Finally consultation, a quote is given to the patient detailing all the costs of the operation: operating room, anesthesia, fees ... etc. It will be asked to submit, once decision has been made, documents signed for the next consultation.

A purely informative appointment!

The first appointment with the surgeon makes it possible to bring as many elements as possible to the patient to become acquainted with all the elements of the operation. Following this interview with the surgeon, the patient will benefit from a mandatory 15-day reflection period. The date of the operation is fixed at the second consultation. A second opinion is always recommended to make sure of the comments made by the surgeon.

After liposuction?

After liposuction, the patient can remain under surveillance for a few hours for complete recovery but also to avoid any postoperative unpleasantness such as vagual discomfort or a fall in blood pressure. Subsequently, the person will wear a sheath or compression garment for a period of two to four weeks following the operation. Among the scarring from this operation, swelling of the aspirated parts and also bruising can last more than a month after the act. Pain relievers can be prescribed to help heal the skin. The stitches are removed 10 days after the operation. Since incisions in this type of operation are small, the scars will be very short for easy recovery.

Is leave necessary?

Well, yeah! For at least ten days and even more depending on the complexity of the intervention but also the nature of the job. Sports activities can only be resumed after at least one month of rest!

The result of liposuction?

The time to detect visible results after a liposuction varies according to the treated area, the closer it is to the heart, the sooner it is visible: a month for the belly, two months for the saddlebags and about three for the knees. In addition, any treated area should not be painful to the touch! As a result of the operation, you should avoid fattening, because by gaining weight, there is also a risk that the fat affects the area operated and therefore cancel the result of the operation, even worse, it is also likely to resume the fat elsewhere!