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How to fight lice

09 Nov 2018

Generally, we panic when we find lice on the head of our child or when we are notified of the case by the school medical service. While it is compelling for the subject and his family, it is easy to get rid of it and take the preventive measures for all those around.
Lice are small parasitic insects 1-3 millimeters long, gray-brown in color, their eggs are transparent to whitish in color, sometimes difficult to spot. They feed on human blood that they suck from the scalp.

 How to fight lice Clinique les Oliviers

Is it a question of hygiene?

Contrary to popular belief, lice can be found even on the cleanest scalp. They are parasites like any other type, which feed only on human blood.
Our children live more in "closed communities" (kindergartens, schools, daycares, clubs ...) which favors the infestation, but this does not exempt adults from catching them.

How are lice caught?

Lice multiply rapidly, the female lays between 4 to 8 eggs a day and for 3 weeks a month. They lay 6mm from the hairline. These eggs will hatch after 8 to 9 days to give nymphs, which will become lice after 9 to 12 days.
Everyone can catch lice, just be in touch with an already infested head. Louse moves by crawling. The mode of transmission can be by hands, combs, brushes, hats, caps, headphone, soft toys, bedding, towels ... any object where it can be deposited involuntarily to quickly lodge on a host’s head because its lifespan off the scalp is only 24 to 48 hours.

The person infested by lice is constantly scratching behind the ears and down the neck, damp places where lice are lodged. The desire for scratching is due to pinching (lice) and their mobility between the roots of the hair.

How to get rid of lice?

Lice live on the scalp for up to 40 days. They die within 2 days outside of this environment.
When a case is declared, avoid the common use of objects (hats, scarves, clothes, bedding, brushes, toys ...) and check the heads of all family members.
When the infested person is a child, make sure that this little annoyance has no negative impact on his psychology, for example being left out with his personal items.
Wash your belongings and bedding separately at high temperatures.

There are anti-lice shampoos on the market that are curative and non-preventative and must be used correctly. It is necessary to comb with a lice comb available at the pharmacy. A second application is suggested after 7 to 10 days with checking the whole family again, and once more after 15 days.
There are natural remedies to get rid of lice:

Olive oil or coconut + white vinegar, after application put a cap for one hour to smother the lice, wash and repeat twice a week.
Baking soda; apply and leave for 30 minutes, to repeat every other day.
Onion juice, always apply and cover with cap for 3 hours. To renew 3 days consecutively.