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A healthy and serene back to school in good health!

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17 Sep 2019
A healthy and serene back to school in good health!

When one is on vacation, one becomesgenerallylax ... It is with the approach of the month of September that begins the real questions and the first stress ... For a calm back to school for both parents and children, it is important to add some healthy habits.

Good habits for a good start: diet, comfort, sleep ...

Summerholidays are changing the pace of life for bothadults and childrenalike; long endlessevenings, a total foodimbalance, a snack at any time and long greasymorningsthatmakeyouforget the month of September and its obligations. But do not panic, no stress, back to schoolis not a nightmare. All youneedis a good preparation for a healthy and balancedstart by balancing the child's snack withhealthy snacks such as fresh fruit, rawvegetables and cereals. andespecially by reducingsugar. Also, a backpackadapted to the weight of the childratherthan a shoulder bag wouldavoid the pain and discomfort of the child.

A back pack that is too heavy can even cause long-term deformities.

Fromthe beginning of the schoolyear, itisimperative for the child to follow a regularrhythm of sleep by favoring a set bedtimethatis not toolatesothatherecoversfromhis long days at school.

Lice invasion, what to do?

Lice love to take refuge in the children'sheads to besatiatedwiththeirblood. Once they are there, they do everything to staythere and passfrom one head to another. In this case, continuous monitoring of the scalp of the childismandatorybecauseitisverydifficult to getridof lice once installed. Only once they are there, itisimperative to go to the first pharmacy in the area for treatment or advice.

Back to school and health problems

The end of the holidayscanbe a sudden change for some more sensitive childrenthanothers. Theymaybeafraid and bedestabilized. Stress sets in. The childmayeven have a fever, whichwillprevent a quiet re-entry or complicateit. In this case, itwillbenecessary to consulthispediatrician and to takeadvice.

Free yourself from TV and video games

During holidays, thereis a tendency to givechildren more freedom to watchtelevision. The time spent in videogamesisrevisedupwards. Gradually, itis important to accustomyourchild to distance himself, by reducing the time spent in front of the screens. This willavoidthe feeling of disruption and therefore frustration and willfacilitate the resumption of the daily work rhythm at school.

Helping your child concentrate

Here are 10 tips to help yourchildfocus:

1. Understandwhy the child has trouble concentrating
2. Encourage her to move, jump, let off steam
3. Program outingsoutdoors
4. Never force him to do exerciseswhenhedoes not want to
5. Suggest concentration and memory exercises
6. Do a manualactivitylikedrawing or do-it-yourself
7. Offer a nice place to do homework
8. Schedule a game break between 2 exercises
9. Lie down and breathewhenheistired
10. Tell a story at the break