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Breastfeeding: a gold mine for babies and mothers

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28 Sep 2018
Allaitement naturel, Clinique Les Oliviers

Breastfeeding is a special time to strengthen the emotional bond between a mother and her infant. Each mother produces a milk adapted to her baby's needs and can breastfeed until the age of two.
In addition to the psychological aspect, breast milk is also beneficial for the health of the baby, as well as his mother. Its benefits are immediate and long-term.
Fresh and at an ideal temperature, breast milk is ready anytime and anywhere. You do not have to heat it up or sterilize it.

Benefits for the baby

Rich in vitamins, proteins, sugars, fats and minerals, breast milk offers the newborn a better diet during the first months of his life ensuring healthy growth. Breastfeeding your baby can protect against many long-term diseases such as obesity, allergies and even cancer.
The nutrients it contains strengthen the immune system and protects against hypoallergenic infections. Its composition, rich in lactose with a low protein concentration and a low phosphate content, promotes good digestion and decreases gas in babies. Less gas, less tears and crying allowing the baby to sleep peacefully.

Breast milk also decreases the risk of obesity in children and adolescents. Breastfeeding is a protective factor. The baby must be breastfed at least four months to avoid gaining weight during childhood or adolescence.
Breastfed babies also seem to be smarter. According to a Brazilian study, breastfeeding increases the person's IQ by four points in advanced stages of life.
Breast-fed babies aged 3 to 12 months would also be at a reduced risk of developing chronic inflammation related to cardiovascular disease during adolescence and less exposed to behavioral disorders.

Benefits for the mother

Breastfeeding brings a lot of health and well-being benefits for mothers as well. The release of endorphins, hormones of well-being, and prolactin during breastfeeding, allows the mother to feel more relaxed.
Many women think that breastfeeding will deform their breasts. But the truth is that breastfeeding can help them lose weight post pregnancy and find their youthful silhouettes again.

Breastfeeding also significantly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, provided that it is extended to at least one year.
Other benefits of breastfeeding: prevention of ovarian cancer, long-term protection of the mother against osteoporosis and preservation of the solidarity of her bones.
Indeed, the oxytocin hormone produced by the body after delivery allows for better bone mineralization and decreases the risk of fracture of the femoral neck after menopause.
According to several studies, breastfeeding also helps relieve the chronic pain experienced by mothers who have had a caesarean and helps reduce anxiety.

Nursing mothers are less likely to have anemia after delivery. The acceleration of uterine contractions caused by lactation delays the return of the menstrual cycle and considerably reduces the risk of blood loss during the months following delivery.

So to preserve your health, and that of your baby, opt for breastfeeding.